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Long-time city manager Dr. Carlos Urrutia has been advising and providing services to a number of highly-satisfied clients, since his retirement.  Solving problems through win-win solutions produced great results during his 35 years in local government and works equally well in consulting. 

Dr. Urrutia’s combination of technical skills, process knowledge, creativity, and political sensitivity are key to his successful consulting practice.  Today’s complex local government environment calls for the practical and results-based approach used by Carlos Urrutia. Learn more
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Access years of experience in public infrastructure, public finance, land development and organizational structure.
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Carlos Urrutia’s areas of expertise include:

  • Annexations
  • Infrastructure finance
  • Development fees
  • Fiscal impact review
  • Development agreements
  • Energy management
  • Land use
  • Redevelopment
  • Economic development
  • Organizational processes

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Dr. Carlos Urrutia's approach is to help clients identify fiscally- sound solutions that produce win/win results.

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"I have worked with Carlos for over fifteen years on land development and public finance projects. His knowledge and experience with local government, land development and public financing options has been a tremendous advantage in getting our communities and projects constructed in a timely and cost efficient fashion."
– Peter Bridges,
Vice-president, Newland Communities

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